Investment Management 

M Sea Capital utilizes its unique business model and expertise, market position, far-reaching network and proven track record to cherry-pick investments for its client, build up a high yield income portfolio, secured by long-term leases (charter), while preparing for a future volatility play on shipping markets recovery.
Yields are secured by long-term leases (charter) to either:
(a) top tier credits, or
(b) medium size shipping companies whereby risk is collateralized, taking an “asset finance” approach and securing downside protection as appropriate
Residual Exposure is managed through a combination of sub-market entry, aggressive amortization and pay-back structures, preferred equity positions, downside protection.
Upside is created through capital gain and profit sharing structures, knock-out arrangements and real-options taking advantage of an attractive entry point, cyclical market opportunities and optionality.
Ultimately, MSEA targets equity-like returns with debt-to-mezzanine like risk profile.
We are currently focused on:


  • Product & Crude Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Dry Bulk VesselsAcquiring

  • Other segments ­ based on transaction fundamentals.

  • Preferred ticket size: USD 10­-40 million, per vessel.

  • Fleet acquisitions may be considered.

When structuring an investment, we work hard to accommodate the special needs and requests of our counterparties. In doing so, we may present creative and non-­traditional solutions and in certain circumstances, we may also propose equity finance at the corporate level.
Please contact us for more information about our shipping investment vehicles.


Building on the background and expertise of its founders, MSEA CAPITAL advises and assists leading shipping and trade companies as well as shipping banks with regard to their strategic, investment and financial development, incl. support and management service in shipping asset restructuring situation.

Our experience is uniquely diverse within the capital markets and the shipping industry and encompasses operational and commercial experience, numerous global financial, Sale & Purchase and shipbuilding. Over the years, we dealt with a wide range of shipping segments, from blue water shipping to offshore vessels and other niche markets.

Typical advisory work includes exclusive mandates for:

  • Management of shipping investment projects.

  • Arrangement of shipping & trade finance.

  • Balance sheet enhancements.

  • Strategic support to shipping companies and financial institutions.

Our customer base relies on trust, close and long-term relationships and mutual strategic interests.

Selected Advisory Transactions

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